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  1. Aritst Corner
    Forums for posting and critiquing written and computer generated art
  2. O B T A N I U M . N E T
    An online community of constructively creative folks who exchange ideas, stuff, and services.
  3. The Virtual Worlds Mailing List
    forum for the artistic and asestic possibilities of virtual worlds. The mailing list is technology neutral and is meant to be a non-technical list. Ezine.
  5. Colleges that teach art.
  6. Discussion of the fine-art binaries. (Moderated)
  7. Art from conventional media. (Moderated)
  8. Art created on computers. (Moderated)
  9. Surrealist ideologies and their influences.
    Lop-Sided Tiger Information
  10. News of the arts. (Moderated)
  11. Topics around fine-arts, which is visual arts.
  12. Fine arts & artists.
  13. Discussions about the arts not in other groups.
  14. Artes e Historia México

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