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  1. Animation Nation Bulletin Board
    Discussions regarding the industry of feature length animated cartoons.
  3. DMN Forum: Animation Artist
    Active discussions for Animation Artist webmagazine
  4. The Animation World Network Forums
    Very active group covering both mainstream and underground animation.
  5. The Big Cartoon Forum
    Discussions for network and web cartoons.
  6. Voices in Animation
    Archive of discussions for Animation Artist magazine.
  7. The Animation Journal
    E-mail group for individuals who are conducting scholarly research in the areas of animation history and theory.
  8. The Danes call it Quality.
    For discussion of the work of Spumco, the animation studio best known for creating the original episodes of Ren and Stimpy. However, Spumco has not been involved with that TV show for a long time, and it is moving on to other projects. Therefore, this newsgroup will allow of other Spumco animation projects besides Ren & Stimpy.
  9. Discussions about Warner Brothers cartoons.
  10. Movies composed of ASCII characters.
  11. Images from animated cartoons.
  12. Technical aspects of computer animation.
  13. Discussion of various kinds of animation.

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