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  1. Body Piercing/Tatoos/Music Forums
    Discussions for the care and feeding of piercings and tatoos. Also includes some music discussions.
  2. Art-Soul-Tattoo
    Art and Soul Tattoos, Los Angeles. This is a list to address serious, technical inquiries about tattooing and body piercing.
  3. belly-button
    Lately, bellybutton rings have become very popular, so I know I am not alone in my appreciation of this small wonder. This is the place to share pictures, experiencies/advise (such as piercing or tattooing), and maybe even fantasies.
  4. BodyPiercing_ArtForum
    Hi welcome to Body Piercing & Body Art Forum sponsored by Tribal Ways Body Piercing & Tattoo of Boston, MA. This is a forum to discuss Body Piercing and Tattooing, why we do it, safety concerns, information etc.
  5. BodyArtCH
    Discussion and pictures on body art in Switzerland and surrounding countries. Discussions are welcome in german french and english. Bodyart includes piercing, tattoo, bodypainting, mehendi, epilation and any other related subject.
  6. bodyarts
    Come and talk about tattoos, henna art, piercings, etc with the rest of us!
  7. Bodypiercing2
    This list is for anyone interested in body piercing. Whether you have any piercings or not. Anyone is free to join!
  8. bodypiercing
    Miss Venus Diablo's Body Piercing
  9. fashionasia
    This group is all about the latest fashion trends. Discuss anything, from make-up to beauty to fashion to henna. Aimed at the eastern culture of india/pakistan..
  10. flesh_steel
    Body art discussion group. Email dicuss all types of body modification. From abtract tribal body modification to a little heart shaped tattoo.
  11. labret
    For those who are into body piercing and tattoos
  12. LDSpiercing_tatoo
    LDS (Mormons), talk about piercing or tattoos, and picture post.
  13. ma_bodymods
    This group is intended to discuss body modification specificlly in Massachusetts but others are welcome to join as well. The laws have changed and now it's time to build a stronger body modification community.
  14. Mehndi2DyeFor
    This list will include the discussions of mehndi/mehandi henna body art, and the traditions for creating the paste, applying it to the body, the care, and the aftercare of the well as the artwork, the books, the design books, and the mystery that goes along with henna body art.
  15. ChurchofBodMod
    The Church of Body Modification is a nondenominational congregation located in Phoenix that teaches ownership over our own bodies.
  16. NavelGirl: Body Piercing Jewelry Aftercare Forum @
    Body Piercing medical aftercare and help. Cleaning tips and more...
  17. ThePiercedTongue
    To talk about peoples tongue piercing experiences and other body piercings
  18. Tatoo
    A list for those who design interesting body art as well at those who apply it and wear it. This is no longer a list for unwanted mail, just for talking about our unusual and beautiful body modifications
  19. Tattoo-and-Piercing-Fans
    A list for people who are interested in piercings and tattoos... we happily discuss all aspects.. from getting them, to healing, to future plans. We allready have almost 200 members, and not too many messages to clog your mailbox. :)
  20. Tattoos4u
    A forum to post pics of your personal tattoos, piercings, body mods, or body painting.

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