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  1. Black and White Photography Forum
    Caution: Some posts may contain nudity
  2. European Photographer's Network
    Discussions on photography equipment, and techniques. Includes sections in Skandinavian, French, Dutch, and Spanish.
  3. Digital photography forums & Communities
    A good forum can offer some of the most comprehensive and up-to-date information you will find anywhere. Never before has it been so easy to communicate directly with other professionals and hobbyists who share common interests.
  4. Photoforum forum list
    English forums on photography.
  5. PHOTOFORUMS - A Pixel Picture Community
    PhotoForums is a online community of people interested in sharing their passion for photography and the creation of images.
  6. photoSIG
    photoSIG is a community of photographers and photography enthusiasts, ranging from amateurs to working professionals. photoSIG members may critique photos that have been submitted by other users and may also submit their own photos for review by the community.
    Whether you are a beginning photographer or an experienced pro, post some images for us to enjoy and critique. Even if you don't post, you'll find this forum enjoyable, revealing, sometimes even inspiring.
    Welcome to, your free online digital photo gallery. Add photos for free and come back to see what comments people have put for each photo.
    Photography, photo critique, digital camera reviews and nature photography photo critique
  10. The Analog Photography Users Group
    International community of individuals devoted to traditional (non-digital) photographic processes. Our forums contain a highly detailed archive of traditional and historic photographic processes.
  11. @perture
    A showcase for photography without artifical boundaries of film versus digital images.
  12. BadOrGood Site romanesc cu si despre fotografie
  14. ClubSNAP Photography Community
    Share knowledge, discuss ideas, forge new friendships with others who have a similar passion and interest in photography.
  16. Friendly
    A family-safe and free community to share photos online. Offers personal photo albums and eCards using your own pictures.
  17. Globalphotosite Forums
    Forums and photo gallery.
    To share and discuss ideas and resources related to art and photography with other artists in the online community.
  19. Magic of Photo. The International Photoclub.
    For all who are in any way involved in photography. Intended for beginners, professionals or those who just love it.
  20. NFolio
    Dedicated to photographers, whether you are an amateur or an experienced pro, you are very welcome here. The site allows you to share your images with other photographers from around the world and to interact with each other.

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