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  1. Internet Cartoons Forum - The Community Center for Cartoonophiles
    Cartoons: the people and characters, the art and business, magazine cartoons, newspaper strips, comic books, caricature, editorial, film and TV animation, graphic stories, mini-comics, cartoon jams, humorous illustration, and online cartooning, cartoons in the news, and web site reviews.
  2. The Pink Panther Fan
    Fan email mailing list for the Pink Panther cartoon.
  4. You could try a book without pictures, for example.
  5. Alternative (non-mainstream) comic books.
  6. Encouraging good superhero-style writing.
  7. Reviews, convention information and other comics news. (Moderated)
  8. Comic books, graphic novels, sequential art.
  9. Comic book spinoffs in other media.
  10. Discussion of short-form comics.
  12. news:rec.arts.comics.alternative
  13. news:rec.arts.comics.creative
  15. The exchange of comics and comic related items.
  16. news:rec.arts.comics.other-media

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