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  1. Able2Know - TV
    Almost everyone has an opinion on TV programs, cable vs. satellite, regular or wide screen, pay vs. free, etc.. The subject has innumerable possibilities for lively discussion. The TV Forum is the place to ask questions, or discuss the shows, the stars, the equipment, or anything else related to the medium.
  2. : Where TV meets a bunch of Internet nerds
    Australian forums of television, reality, sci-fi, comedy and all other shows.
  3. BBC - Messageboards
    The British Broadcasting Corporation's message boards, topics that are more than just TV.
  4. Alternate Realities - Every word whispered tells a story
    Fan fiction story posts for a few popular television shows.
    Discussions on HDTV broadcasts and avaliability in the San Diego area.
  6. Message Central's Discussion Forum
    Discussions on network television's shows and soap operas.
  8.'s TV Show Discussion Boards
    Prime time TV.
  9. American Television Discussions
    General television message board
  10. Talk Shows/Daytime
    Daytime talk show message board.
  11. - forums
    Discussions mainly on current reality television shows and dramas, smaller boards for game shows and sports.
  12. foreverdreaming @
    Discussions on current television shows.
  13. Matt's board @
    Anime, cartoons and children's show discussions.
  14. Whatever Mania - tape trading
    Are you looking for a Tv movie or your favorite show then come here to post your tv haves/wants meet other traders and learn how to turn your old vhs tapes into the shows and movies you have been searching for.

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