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  2. news:alt.amiga
  3. Use alt.sys.amiga.demos instead.
  4. news:alt.amiga.slip
  5. news:alt.religion.amiga
  6. Source code for the Amiga.
  7. news:alt.sys.amiga.blitz
  8. Code and talk to show off the Amiga.
  9. AmigaUUCP.
    AmigaUUCP installation, utilities and common problems.
  10. news:bit.listserv.i-amiga
  11. Why an Amiga is better than XYZ.
    Rumors, complaints, flames, arguments, and wars about the Commodore Amiga computer. Example topics are: - My computer is better than yours. - Complaints about Commodore sales and marketing. - Rumored new Amiga computers.
  12. Announcements about the Amiga. (Moderated)
    Announcements pertaining to the Commodore Amiga computer. Topics include: - Commercial product announcements. - Shareware and freeware product announcements. - Press releases about Commodore. - Trade show reports.
  13. Miscellaneous applications.
    Discussion of application software for the Commodore Amiga computer: word processors, databases, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, etc.
  14. Music, MIDI, speech synthesis, other sounds.
    Discussion of sound and music topics related to the Commodore Amiga computer: MIDI, mods, notation software, audio digitizers, sampled sound, music notation software, sequencing, etc.
  15. Methods of getting bytes in and out.
    Discussion of telecommunications and data transfer using the Commodore Amiga computer. This includes modems and cables, networking, telecommunication software, terminal emulators, ftp, Mosaic, etc.
  16. Various hardware & software emulators.
    Discussions of the several hardware and software emulations of other computers (Mac, IBM-PC, Atari, C64, Apple 2 series, and more) that run on/in (software/hardware emulations, respectively) the Amiga. Includes discussions of games and applications running only under the emulations, since they are not of interest to the rest of the Amiga community.
  17. Discussion of games for the Commodore Amiga.
    Discussion of games for the Commodore Amiga computer: questions, hints, cheats, reviews (though formal reviews should be submitted to, opinions, praise, complaints, etc.
  18. Charts, graphs, pictures, etc.
    Discussion of graphics software and hardware for the Commodore Amiga computer. This includes graphics boards, 3D modeling, ray tracing, graphic file formats (IFF, GIF, JPEG, etc.), morphing, etc.
  19. Amiga computer hardware, Q&A, reviews, etc.
    A group for discussion about Amiga computer hardware. Questions about the purchase of new hardware; problems with existing hardware; reviews of hardware products; modification and hacks of existing hardware; design of new hardware.
  20. Group for newcomers to Amigas.
    Beginners' questions and answers about the Commodore Amiga computer. Topics include: - What is an Amiga, what are the available models, etc. - How to set up your Amiga. - How to upgrade your Amiga. - Basic questions about how to do things with your Amiga. - And much more!

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