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    Where to find it, prices, etc.
    This newsgroup has two purposes. First, it is a forum for individuals (NOT businesses) to buy and sell items related to the Commodore Amiga computer. When posting in this group, please use a descriptive Subject that describes the items you want to buy or sell. Second, this newsgroup is for discussion about vendors that sell Amiga-related products. This includes information, praise, and complaints about these vendors.
  1. Discussions not falling in another Amiga group.
    General discussion about the Commodore Amiga computer that does not fit in any of the other, more specific, comp.sys.amiga newsgroups.
  2. Animations, video, & multimedia.
    Discussion of multimedia applications of the Commodore Amiga computer: authoring software such as AmigaVision, Video Toaster applications (see also, CD-ROM, and any topics about the combination of text, graphics, music, speech, animation, etc.
  3. Amiga networking software/hardware.
    Discussions about networking packages for the Amiga. This includes (but is not limited to) TCP/IP packages, SANA-II device drivers, DNET, Parnet, other commercial and freely distributable networking packages and applications, and hardware to support networking with Amiga computers.
  4. Developers & hobbyists discuss code.
    Discussion about programming the Commodore Amiga computer. Topics include: - Programming languages - Compilers and interpreters - Help me find a bug in my code. (Please post a *SHORT* example.) - Questions about how to program. Note that general programming questions that do not specifically involve the Amiga may be better answered in other newsgroups. For example, a general C programming question may be better suited for comp.lang.c (assuming you have already checked the comp.lang.c Frequently Asked Questions article posted regularly in that group).
  7. Amiga UUCP packages.
    Discussion of UUCP (Unix to Unix Copy Program) software for the Commodore Amiga computer. Amiga UUCP is used for transferring files between your Amiga and other computers, receiving Usenet News, and other communication tasks. See also comp.sys.amiga.datacomm and comp.sys.amiga.networking.
  8. news:comp.unix.amiga

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