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  1. AppleSwitcher Mac & iPod
    Mac, iPod and Podcast forums.
  2. AppleInsider - Forums
    Discussion forum about Apple, software, and the tech industry. Place to speculate and spread those famous mac rumors. Heavy on hardware, board also includes tech support board and iPod.
  3. Forums - Mac & Music
    All about music software and hardware to make audio or MIDI on macintosh. Daily news, forums, big links directory, downloads, reviews, tips, resources, and classifieds. French and English versions.
  4. MacAddict Forums
    MacAddict magazine official discussion forums. Discuss articles, rumors, technical support, professional use of the mac in design, audio, graphics, and the web. Has boards discussing gaming on the mac and boards discussing popular games.
  5. Apple Macintosh UK user forums for MacAssist.
    Separate Mac forum for formal mac discussions, and a Tosh forum for haning out and non-technical topics.
  6. MacBoards
    Discussions for the business use of the Macintosh, product reviews, buy and sell, software and OS discussions, and upgrading. Boards for gamers, educators, webmasters, and developers
  10. Switching to Mac Forum
    Switching to Mac? Switching to Mac Forum is the place to find out everything you need to know about Switching to Mac, from PC, Mac OS 7 or 8 to OS X, testimonials, tips and tricks to get the most out of your platform decision.
  12. MacTalk
    MacTalk is a discussion and support forum for users of Macintosh computers. Discusses hardware, software, and troubleshooting.
  19. macaholic · Great Mac talk for newbies and experts
    If you like Macs in any way, you should join this club. If you're the diehard MacAddict that has his own booth at MacWorld, to the newbie who just got his first iMac, this is the place to come in and ask questions, rant and rave, and insult Micro$oft.
  20. news:alt.flame.macintosh

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