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  1. Source code for Apple Macintosh computers.
  2. Newsbytes Apple/Macintosh news. (Moderated)
  3. Encoded Macintosh programs in binary. (Moderated)
  4. The CSI MacForth programming environment.
  5. Discussing Apple's Macintosh Common Lisp.
  6. Software for the Apple Macintosh. (Moderated)
  7. news:comp.sys.mac.advocacy
  8. news:comp.sys.mac.announce
  9. Discussions of Macintosh applications.
  10. Discussion of Macintosh communications.
  11. Database systems for the Apple Macintosh.
    A forum for the discusson of database systems that are produced for the Macintosh line of computers. Currently these questions are posted almost exclusively to comp.sys.mac.apps but in actuality database systems are not truly applications they are development environments similar in scope to Hypercard which has its own group. This group is for all database systems for the Mac, from the simplest flat-file manager to the most complex relational/multi-user system.
  12. Apple Macintosh: info&uses, but no programs. (Moderated)
  13. Macintosh graphics: paint, draw, 3D, CAD, animation.
    A group dedicated to MACINTOSH GRAPHICS... including but not exclusive to the following. - 3D: Electric Image, Vidi Pro, Macromodel,Sketch, Infini-D, Strata. - Draw/Page Layout: Illustrator, Freehand, Quark Express, PageMaker... - Paint/Image Process: Photoshop, Painter X2, Kai's Power Tools ... - Cad: MiniCad Plus, Upfront, Form Z, DesignWorkshop... - QuickTime Movies: After Effects, Premiere, Morph, VideoFusion, Flo... - Authoring: Director, Action, Persuasion... - Graphic Utilities: Debablizer, Jag, Fetch, Fast Eddie...
  14. Macintosh hardware issues & discussions.
  15. General Mac hardware topics not already covered.
  16. All forms of Mac storage hardware and media.
  17. Video input and output hardware on the Mac.
  18. The Macintosh Hypercard: info & uses.
  19. General discussions about the Apple Macintosh.

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