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  1. cplusplus2 · C Plus Plus - The C++ programming language
    A place to discuss, analyze, educate and disseminate the principles of the C++ language. Our primary goal is to be representative of the global C++ programming community and track ideas, events and progress.
  2. Web coding and development forums.
    Topics for discussion cover JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, Perl/CGI, PHP, MySQL, and ASP. Also includes paid work board and humor board.
  3. Forum
    Web programming portal featuring discussions on client-side HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; server side ASP, ASP.NET, PHP and Java; XML, RSS/ATOM, XSLT. Also groups for development with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, and open source CMS and forum packages.
  4. Xtreme Visual Basic Talk
    Extreme Visual Basic Forum is an interactive discussion forum for Visual Basic programmers. Topics include game programming, DirectX, COM, .NET, and API. Also features a knowledgebase, forums for communications, VBA, file I/O, database, reporting, and web programming.
  5. Tek-Tips Forums
    Extensive topics on programming, hardware, data, desktop systems, and career development.
  6. Macintosh programming using CodeWarrior.
    A group for the unmoderated discussion of the CodeWarrior set of Macintosh development tools. This includes bug reports, feature requests, source code, and anything else related to the use of the tools. It does not include binaries or advertisement. It will be directly used by the 542 currently subscribed members of the codewarrior internet mailing list ( plus many more users as the tools gain popularity.

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