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  1. news:comp.sys.mac.programmer
  2. news:comp.sys.mac.programmer.codewarrior
  4. Help with Macintosh programming.
  5. Frequently requested information. (Moderated)
    and release announcements, columns by developers and industry insiders, contact information, reviews, bulletins and any frequently requested information relating to development for the Macintosh computer system.
  6. Other issues of Macintosh programming.
  7. Macintosh programming tools.
  8. news:comp.sys.mac.oop
  9. Version 3 of the MacApp object oriented system.
    a forum for discussion of version 3 of the MacApp object oriented application framework used to write many Macintosh applications. It is anticipated that most posts will be technical in nature, but advocacy for new features, MacApp-related meeting announcements, and other MacApp discussion will also be welcome.
  10. Object oriented programming issues on the Mac.
    A newsgroup for discussion of other object-oriented programming issues on the Macintosh. Possibilities include discussion of the Think Class Library and the forthcoming Bedrock library, as well as object-related C++ and Object Pascal issues.
  11. Symantec's THINK Class Library for object programming.

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