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    This is a discussion forum for discussing all aspects of the serverside scripting language PHP. Message board topics are database, install, upgrade, PHP5, code critique, Zend studio, Dreamweaver, PHPEd, windows, and Linux. Also offers archives of messages.
  2. codewalkers php forums
    Aimed at teaching the masses about PHP and mySQL. Covers coding, installation, PEAR, programming theory, client side technologies, databases. Other boards feature coding contests, a marketplace, and discussion on site tutorials.
  3. Web Development Forums
    Dev Shed - Open Source web development forums. Topics covered include PHP, Apache, mySQL, Zope, Jserv, Java, Python, Zend, XML, DHTML, Javascript. Also covers Perl, C, ASP, Visual Basic, ColdFusion, Delphi, WAP, .NET, Flash, Photoshop, website critiques, Search Engine Optimization, Oracle, mail servers, DNS, IIS, BSD, Mac, hardware, CPUs, cooling, job boards, and news.
  4. DevNetwork Forums
    PHP forums cover code, security and design; also offers tutorials, discussions on unit testing, regular expressions, databases, linux, Apache, IIS, and job boards. Also hosts discussions for PHPDN,,,,, and
  5. forum web coding development coding php
    PHP topics include images, mail, PEAR, PECL, installation, phpMyAdmin, MySQL, configuration, and security. Also features a job board.
  6. PHP Forums and MySQL Forums
    Friendly PHP and MySQL advise. Expert suggestions. Topics cover coding, Apache, security, web design, PERL, Java. Also has a job board.
  7. PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor discussion
    Php discussion, php talk, php articles, php tutorials, php forum, php book reviews, php scripts, php software, php compiler, php job offers and requests, php bulletin board, phpbb, php mysql discussion, php mysql forum, php script archive,script archive, php compiler, php debug, php debugging.
  8. PHP WORLD - Free PHP Help, Resources and Scripts Consulting
    PHP resources free scripts consulting consultants mysql database support help tutorial first code contractors oracle.
  9. PHPDiscuss - PHP Newsgroups and mailing lists
    Browser-readable listing of PHP related newsgroups, mostly of interest to those developing PHP itself as a platform.
  10. PHP MySQL and Apache forums
    PHP and MySQL: is where web development and open source questions meet their answers. Features job boards, and discussions on PHP books, PEAR,Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Apache, HTML, XML, XSL, and theory of design.
  11. end Forums - General, Products, PHP 5
    Discussions on Zend Studio, Optimizer, Encoder, WinEnabler, Performance Suite and Acellerator.
    Google Groups PHP group.

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