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  1. MegaGames Forum
    Discussion boards feature humor, tutorials, help boards, hardware, cheats, emulation, and console gaming.
    General discussions and reviews.
  3. Cheat Planet Forums
    Covers gaming platforms of Playstation, PSP, Xbox, PC gaming, Gamecube, Nintendo DS, Gameboy. Forums are also organized by genra classic, shooters, RPG, card playing, and espionage; as well as game specific for Blizzard games, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, Halo, Kingdom Hearts, Mario, Morrowind, Pokémon, Sims, Star Wars, and Zelda.
  4. Acme Computer Games Forum
    Topics include console gaming, retro gaming, hand-helds, roleplaying, and a marketplace.
  5. Discussion Board
    Console and handheld forums, plus cheats. Also has game saves trading post. Sections on all major formats and general categories for when you don't feel like gaming.
  6. Forums
    Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, Sega Dreamcast, Phantasy Star Online (PSO), Ragnarok Online, and Computer forums, message boards, help, news, cheats, codes, rumors, and topics.
  7. G4 Forums
    Discussions on the only cable gaming network. Please, no discussions on the bumbling (un)intended canibalization of the only other worthwhile cable network... they don't care.
  8. Ultimate Gamer Forums
    Discussions on the consoles and handheld gaming platforms
  9. Gamers Gateway
    Discussion forum Game Cheats blacknova xbox Ps2 PC Gamecube. Also discusses arcade, cheats BlackNova and jokes.
  10. Community
    Discussions on classic (retro) gaming, Playstation, Nintendo and Xbox; gaming technology and reviews.
  11. Welcome to GameTalk
    Discussions for platforms, specific games, and various gaming worlds.
  12. Gaming Evolved Forums: From Past to Future - One Evolution
    Platform, PC and retro gaming discussions; plus arcade board.
  13. GS200 Forums
    Forums are your place to talk about games and lounge around.
  14. The Gaming Revolution
    Retro, console, and PC gaming discussion boards.
  15. Global Gamers Forums @
    This board was set up for Gamers of all systems to chat about their passion. It's friendly and covers all aspects of gaming.
  16. Fighters Online > > Forums
    Fighting game content, galleries, profiles, contests, and a live fighting game RPG. Comunity forums for all things fighting game related.

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