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  2. Arcade-style games on PCs.
  3. Adventure (non-rpg) games on PCs.
  4. Announcements for all PC gamers. (Moderated)
    A group for announcements that are useful to the entire PC computer gaming population, including but not limited to new release announcements, software publisher news, bug information, reviews and GAME BYTES information. Followups will be directed to misc or another appropriate subgroup at the moderator's discretion.
  5. Flight simulators on PCs.
    An unmoderated group for the discussion of flight simulation games. Simulation games are games which simulate a real or theoretically plausible air vehicle (using today's current technology as its basis), and allow players to manipulate it as if it were real. Examples include F15 Strike Eagle and Falcon 3.0. This group does not cover the same subject as rec.aviation.simulators, although they are related. Again, rec.aviation.simulators is concerned with realism and related issues, while this group is more concerned with game play.
  6. PC clone games wanted and for sale.
  7. Games not covered by other PC groups.
  8. Role-playing games on the PC.

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