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  1. Battle of theConsoles- Only 1 Will Survive
    Forums mainly cover which console sucks and why.
  3. Da Videogames Forum
    Discussions divided by platform and game. Game specific discussions include Madden, NCAA Football, Tony Hawk, Medal of Honor, Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy, and Grand Turismo.
    Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation, and PC gaming discussions.
    Console and PC based gaming discussion boards, as well as a board for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), as well as boards for programmers, computer graphics, marketplace, and several members only boards for specific platforms and games.
  6. VideoGameCity Forums
    Gaming discussions organized by platform manufacturer: Microsoft, Sony Nintendo, as well as PC and classic gaming.
  7. Console Database Message Board @
    A discussion board for anything related to games! We discuss everything from the classics to the very latest. Write a review, discuss cheats, ask for help, do what you like. This message board is for you.
  8. NONsense @
    X-RPG is a forum for RPG Maker 95, 2000, and 2003 fans. 80,000+ posts.
  9. Jeepn' Rocks online community @
    Community for jeep lovers to share their experiences with and to to get valuable info from experienced off road enthusiasts. Oh yeah I love ps2 so their will be a forum for that also. Forums are divided by game platform. Jeep board topics cover maintenance, modifying, trail discussions, trivia and technical questions.

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