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  1. Roleplay Chat for Vampires Werewolves Daemons, Mages, Angels and Creatures of the Night.
    (Membership Required) Dark World by Night is a division of Role Play Universe.
  2. Jabba Wabba Land
    Jell-O is our greatest enemy. It is filled with evil. The only way to defeat it is by ctaching it with kitchen utensils and eating it.
  3. - Now it's OK to be Square!
    Metasquares is an online puzzle game similar to Reversi or Go. Also has a e-mail mailing list for its member players.
  4. Mindprobes Live Trivia Games
    Mindprobes Live Interactive Trivia. Battle players from around the world in a safe and friendly atmosphere. For online trivia in a great chatroom atmosphere with live trivia games run by international hosts.

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