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  1. E-Democracy.Org - Community Discussion Forums and Governmnet, Politics, ... Information
    E-Democracy.Org/Minnesota E-Democracy is a non-profit, non-partisan citizen-based project, whose mission is to improve participation in democracy through the use of information networks. Email based mailing lists for Chicago, Iowa, Minnesota, and the United Kingdom.
  2. News Forum
    Political news blog.
  3. Free Republic
    News and activisim topics covering blogging, GOP, and Religon.
  4. Democrat Discussion Forum / DDF
    Viewers can freely express their ideas and views regarding USA or World Politics.
    Formal opinion letters and responses, published several times a year.
  6. The Forum -
    A political portal designed to give you the information and activism tools needed to 'SpeakOut' on political and social issues, elections, political parties, the government, and democracy. Forums cover topics on both politicians and burning issues.
  7. U.S. Politics online: A Politial Discussion Forum - Iraq War, peace, Public Policy, Campaigns...
    Topics cover elections, activism, civil rights & liberties, tender issues such as abortion, healthcare, drugs, enviroment, gun rights, education, media and economy. Features forums dedicated on political theory and debate, world politics discussions, book reviews & research, and military strategy & tatics.
  8. VoteWatch (membership required)
  9. Who remains after the radicals left?
  10. When Hints from Heloise aren't enough.

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