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  1. Web site of the alt.atheism Usenet newsgroup
    Companion site to the USENET newsgroup alt.atheism. Includes member information and a FAQ.
  2. Atheist Commnity
    A place for atheists and their friends.
  3. Freedom Group @
    Discussion board dedicated to atheist teens.
  4. IIDB Internet Infidels Discussion Board
    Discussions on philosophy, questions on the existence of god(s), biblical criticism, evolution vs creationism debate, science and skepticism, discussions on moral foundations, separation of church and state, views of other religous philosophies, and secular activism.
  5. IIDB archives
  6. Atheists Anonymous
    Atheist vs Theist debates, news stories, atheism activism, science, philosophy, politics, and book reviews.
  7. Atheistbereavementsupport · Atheist Bereavement Support
    Dealing with the death of a loved one can be very difficult. It is even more difficult when you don't have others who have the same beliefs to share your experience and questions with. Although "believers" mean well, atheist need means of comfort other than hearing that they will see loved one again someday or God has a plan. This group is a closed group for those dealing with the death of a loved one AND are Atheist. Whether you've lost a child, spouse, sibling, parent, grandparent or someone dear to you...please find comfort and support here.
  8. atheistempire · ATHEIST EMPIRE
    Welcome, the aspiration of this place is to serve as a welcoming forum for discussions pertaining to the disbelief in the existence of God and religion. All are welcome to join and participate.
  9. atheist_only · A discussion group for Atheists
    A safe haven of sorts, where we can discuss ANY TOPIC, religion, politics, family life, etc... If you are a theist looking to convert please do not try to sub, you will not be approved to the list.
  10. Atheist vs Theist Debate @
    Debate forum between Atheists and Theists. If you can make a decent argument, come on in. Topics covered are theological, politics, culture. Debate specific forums for one on one debate or team debates. Also has boards where you can post without debate.
  11. Freethinkers Pub @
    Anything from light conversation to sometimes heated debate. All beliefs are welcome, but be prepared to discuss them intelligently. Light discussions and debate sections for discussion.
  12. Inquisitive Atheists Debate/Discussion Forum @
    This forum is for inquisitive atheists who wish to share ideas, debate, or just have something to say. Boards cover atheism, theism, Jesus, evolution vs creationism, christianity, and bible errancy.
  13. Oklahoma Atheits
    A forum and attached website for atheists, agnostics and other unbelievers in Oklahoma. Active online discussion as well as real-life get togethers, both social and activist.
  14. ATHEISM and more... @
    This site is about Atheism, Agnosticism, Humanism, Freethought, Religion, Science, Mythology and Life. Topics cover atheism, agnosticism, humanism, skepticism, judiasm, philosophy & religon, mithology, sociology, and psychology

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