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  1. Christian Message Board
    Active online Christian Community bulletin Board and forums. Topics include daily devotions, praise, prayer board, Bible, end times, God at work, testimonies, roots of the Christian faith, symbology, encouragement, poetry, science and the Bible, and Bible study. Message boards specific to certian groups include a board for those new to christianity, family board, teen fellowship, women and men, and non-believers. Also includes marketplace, and a counselling board.
    Questions for the pastor, bible study, fellowship, prayer requests, research, testimonies, and politics.
    Boards for bible verse meditations, knowing God, living faith, and objections to the christian faith.
  4. 123 Christian Forums
    Bulletin board discusses current events, prayer requests, politics, bible study, christianity & other religons, science, evolution, end times, outreach, and theology. Christian arts and media including books, music, and poetry. Boards for parents, teens, college age, and singles, as well as boards for business and career discussions.
  5. Christian Forums - The Online Christian Chat Forum & Message Board
    Christian Forums is a free, non-profit and non-denominational online Christian Forum community to unite Christians of every denomination together as one body.
  6. Christian Forums
    Christian forums for fellowship and web hosting support. Church family, theology, politics, debate, and support for members of the christian ISP that supports the board.
  7. World fo Probhecy
    King James version (KJV) bible studies, prophecy discussions, and speculation on the rise of the new world order.
  8. Faith & Fellowship Forums
    Devotionals, prayer requests, praise reports & testimonies, sermon post, morality & ethics, news and politics. Message boards also cover a wide spectrum of non-religous topics.
  9. /
    Christian community and christian challenge areas for growing the faith.
  11. Jesus Christ Forums
    Prayer request, praise, news and prophecy discussoins. Has board for christian music, discussions for sexual sins, science, religon, and occult topics.
  12. Jesus Lives
    Bible studies, devotionals, prayer & praise, testimonies, end-times, love & marriage, abortion and adoption resources. Also has Q & A boards for new christians and non-christians.
  13. Manna Cabana - food and shade for the soul
    Message board topics cover news, family life, singles, finances, food, health, prayer requests, praise reports, testimonies, devotions, and sections for teens and bible studies.
  14. Christian Forums - join or start a discussion forum today - Praize Forums
    Christian forums for daily devotionals, prayer, bible study, fellowship and chat, with bible search tools.
  15. Ready To Rise
    Prayer requests, praise reports, spiritual warfare, bible Q & A, studies, end times, rapture, second coming, and persecution of christians in other countries.
  16. Supporting Christians can help with family values, loneliness, fears and worries, and provides...
    Community support groups for issues such as fears, worries, loneliness, addictions, family issues, and for victims of crime or abuse. Has lighter topics of christian humor and joyful living, christian stories, and open discussions.
  17. TheBibleForum
    Articles, discussions on christian living, evangelism, evidences, history, bible passages, news and archives.
  18. Christian BBS
    The Christian BBSis your online community for Christian chat, message boards, fellowship, ministry outreach, Bible topics, and prayer.
  19. CCN Christian Penpal and Singles Network
    Christian Connection Network is a place to find a Christian friend for life to talk with or just to pray with. Bible study, Q & A, and singles boards divided by age group.
  20. : An online community for Christians
    Free, nondenominational, on-line community where Christians from all around the world can fellowship in a clean, friendly environment. As a bonus, our members enjoy such things as free email, usenet, and web hosting.

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