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  1. "A Better Pagain Community"
  2. The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum
    Whether you are a follower of one of the many Pagan religions or are a non-Pagan interested in finding out about Pagan religions (or just enjoy religious discussions), we hope you will find our DelphiForums message board a polite place to discuss and debate religion and magick, ritual and everyday life, philosophy and books, health and divination, interfaith issues and just about anything else remotely related that our members find interesting.
  3. Goddess of the 8th House
    You Go Girl.
  4. Mysticwicks Online Pagan Community and Pagain Forums
    Pagan Community and Pagan Forums. Come and learn online with other Pagans and talk about Pagan issues. Online classes for Tarot, Magick, Rituals, Divination, History, Kabbalah, and more. Always Free. Welcome home.
  5. Pagain Life
    Hi all and welcome to Paganlife, we aim to be a friendly online community. This site is mainly geared towards pagans, although we accept anyone and everyone, all we ask for respect which will be returned.
  6. Wicca, Witchcraft, and Paganism Community
    Discussion related to the study and practice of wicca, witchcraft & paganism. Feel free to ask questions, join existing conversations, or start a new topic.
  7. Pagan Poet Forums
    Celebrating Pagans, Poets, Authors, Artists, & Musicians. Pagan poem post, polls, art, and quotes.
  8. Silver Circle Coven
    The message boards are as follows: General, Book of Shadows, Magick, Self Expression, and Help. The general board is for general discussion. The BoS board is where you can post things for our coven BoS. The Magick board is for spells, prayers, chants, rituals, whatever magick you want to post. Self Expression is important so this is a board to do that.
  9. UK Pagan, The Valley, Portal
    Internet community for pagans in the UK.
  10. associationofpagan · Association of Pagan
    Not to do evil, to cultivate merit, to purify one's (NOT BY OTHERS) mind—this is the Teaching of the Buddhas.
  11. bayareapagans · Bay Area Pagans - a place for Bay Area(California) pagans
    This is a place for local pagans (of all kinds) to meet and talk. Maybe we could do other club-like things, like a bake-sale! Ok, more like scheduled chats.
  12. BrisbaneWitches · BrisbaneWitches
    This is a discussion circle for Witches, Pagans and their friends living in Brisbane, Australia and its surrounds. This list is the only list founded _by_ the Pagan community of Brisbane _for_ the Pagan community! There are also a number of sub-lists, including one for teens, one for witches at UQ and another for GBLT and friendly witches.
  13. GerinaDunwichsCauldron · Witchcraft,Paganism,Magick & the Occult
    This group is for serious discussions about Witchcraft, Paganism, magick, the occult, and the paranormal. Open to both the Right Hand and Left Hand paths, this is a place for learning and sharing. All are welcome (including neophytes and those who are just curious) and all belief systems are respected.
  14. amysticalhaven · A MYSTICAL HAVEN - A place for kindred spirits to bond and uplift
    Here you will find a place to make new friends and share your wealth of knowledge. The purpose of this is to find ten like minded people who can feel the call of the old blood as it sings to them of days gone by. Here, you can rediscover the true meaning of Magick and spiritualism.
  15. paganpoetssociety · Pagan Poets Society
    Founded by author and poet Gerina Dunwich, this group is a literary circle for poets from ALL Pagan paths and magickal traditions. The posting of poems, poetry reviews, poetry contest announcements, and anything else of interest to Pagan poets is encouraged.
  16. Wicca Central @
    A place for those who rule by the moon. Boards for paganism, live rituals, thoughts on wicca, the occult, spells and rituals.
  17. polypagans2 · Community for poly (non-monogamous) pagans
    PolyPagans is a community for persons interested in or practicing polyamory whom self-identify as 'pagan.' The message area is for discussion of *related* topics. This group is not intended as a social network, dating service, etc.

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