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  1. Joe Johnson MSIE
    A place where people affected by Leukodystrophy, and those who know and love them, can find information. An archive of over 15 years of message board information gathered about the disease.
  2. Disabilities Concerns (DISC) E-Group
    DISC provides disability and accessibility resources through a electronic mailing list and webpages, with particular emphasis on issues for faith groups.
  3. Disabilities-R-Us
    Frendship, dating, humor employment, travel, sexuality, religon, politics, and assistive technology message boards.
  4. Living With A Disability
    If you live with a disability, you confront challenges every day. Get the information, support and friendship you need to cope with these challenges. This board addresses all disabilities.
  6. Message Boards
    All these email lists are free and designed for ministry purposes. Boards for support and assistance to those directly and indirectly affectied by disabilities.
  7. EPEC's Fight For The Right
    Educating Parents of Extra-special Children (EPEC). Information on add-adhd, asperger's, autism, cerebral palsy, deaf, down syndrome, hyperlexia, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, pddnos, rett's, blind, advocacy, IDEA, IEPs, & inclusion.
  8. Susan's Sex Support Site
    Every person experiences sexuality differently and needs different information. Most of what is available regarding sexuality and disability on websites is not easily accessed by those whose disabilities impair their ability to read. This site is designed to meet the needs of these people and the people who care about them - personally or professionally
  9. Disability discussion forum for stories about awareness, rights, inspriation
    A disability discussion forum for those of us withphoto of Jim Hasse disabilities as well as our parents, friends, spouses, caregivers, co-workers. It's a place where we can retain personal ownership of our stories while we share them with others and showcase them for editors, publishers, agents.
  10. WAPD Bulletin Board
    Message board for the World Association of Persons with Disabilities.
  11.'s Message Board
    Website links together the personal web pages (Home Pages) of PEOPLE who happen to have a disability.
  12. PeopleWithDisabilities · Chronic Illness & Disabilities Club
    PWD is a world-wide meeting place for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses and their friends
  13. The Disabilities Meeting Place
  14. disabilityexperiencebank · disability experience bank - share your experiences and help others
    Place where people can share their successes and problems hopefully helping each other in the process. everyone is welcome to join.
  15. Disabled African Americans - Place for single AA's to find love and friendship
    What's up my ebony sistas and brothas? This is a place for ~~adult disabled African Americans~~ to meet new friends and openly discuss a wide range of topics concerning life with disabilities. Chill for a while and conversate or maybe even find that special love.
  17. Items of interest for/about the handicapped. (Moderated)

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