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  1. Nocturnal Vision's Vampirism Discussion
    Nocturnal Visions Discussion Forum.
  2. new vampire Board TOC
    (Warning: Large page, 6+ years of post titles on one page)
  3. iB::VRboard
    Discussions on vampirism, goth, and magik.
  4. Roleplay Chat
    For vampires, werewolves, daemons, mages, angels and creatures of the night.
  5. lilthslairmessageforums @
    «Art»·«Poetry»·«Stories»·«Erotica»·«Critique»·«Legends·Myths·Spirituality»·«Film & Literature»·«The Lighter Side»·«Chat Room»·«Games & Quizzes»·«Dark Side of Insanity»·«Music Room»

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