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  1. Glock Talk
    Large discussion boards for discussing the Glock handgun. Boards also cover non-Glocks, carry issues, cop talk, training, tatics, and fully automatic gunfire. Discussions on equipment cover sights, optics, lasers, calibers, parts, accessories, gunsmithing, and reloading. Shooting events for those who want to meet, as well as competition shooting and the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation. Boards also discuss gun control, war on terror, religon, politics, civil liberties and women as they relate to guns. Clubhouse forums for discussions on various other topics and firearm types. Marketplace includes want ads, place to post good deals, firearms for sale, accessories, holsters, and edged weapons or knives.
  2. AR15.COM - Home of the black rifle
    Everything you ever wanted to know about the AR-15 and AK-47 Rifles. Firearm discussion boards for handguns, shotguns, and rifles, as well as related equipment. Reviews of equipment. Discussions on everything from firearm laws to current politics.

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