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  1. - Nutrition
    Although Dr. Jegtvig is always available to answer your questions and queries, using the forum will be more beneficial since your message will reach a greater number of people. As a result, a large number of people can contribute to or benefit from the discussions. Feel free to use this forum to ask questions, express your opinion, and spread relevant information.
  2. Dietitian Central message boards
    Discussions on general dietetics, as well as career and student boards.
  3. Health Castle
    Health Castle Nutrition & Health Forum. Resource for nutrition tips, cancer and weight Loss information. Search our nutrition tips archive written by our Registered Dietitians, look for cancer info and weight loss tips. Discussion topics include nutrition, health and food science.
  4. Healthy Weight Forum
    Message boards include food diaries, exercise & pilates discussions. Motivators including before & after, challenges and weekly weigh in. Healty recepie posts include low carb, cakes & biscuits, desserts, holiday foods, light meals, meat, muffins, snacks, pies, pasta, rice, seafood, soups, salads, and vegetarian recepie ideas.
  5. - Metabolink's BB
    Topics for weight gain or loss, metabolic, thyroid or gastrointestinal conditions.
  6. Living Well Community with Pam Smith - forums
    Covers strategic eating to boost energy and lose weight, as well as sports nutrition principles.

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