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  1. The Leading Edge of Knife Discussion
    Here you can discuss all facets of knives, from construction to materials to sharpening methods, all in a friendly environment with some of the foremost experts in the field. General topics have boards for member pass-around, custom knives, reviews & testing, balisong or butterfly knives, axe, tomahawk & hatchets, knife collecting and identification, knife picture post, knife law discussions, personal grooming equipment, and multi-tools. Boards for knife makers include a gallery, and for sale boards for folders, fixed blades, and supplies. The knife community discusses other gadgets and gear, political issues regarding knives, and regional boards for Europe, Asia/Australia, and Canada. Specific forums for knife manufacturers have boards for the American Knife & Tool Institute, American Tomahawk Company, Boker USA, Buck Knives, Branton Knife Company, Busse Combat Knives, Camillus, Chris Reeve Knives, Emerson Knives, Himalayan Imports SOG Speciality Knives, Spyderco, Swamp Rat Knives, Schrade Knives, Simonich Knives LLC, and Hays Knives Montana. Tactics & traning boards include skill development & gear, wilderness survival, and the Filipino combat arts. For sale and trading boards include reviews for dealers, wanted to buy, trade, and sell for individuals and dealers.
  2. The Knife Network Forums : Knife Discussions
    Over 1000 pages of knife industry data and images, 500 networked knife industry sites, knife makers, factory knife companies and knife enthusiasts from around the world stay on top of the production and custom knife industry.View the latest in factory and custom knives, high detail images, read feild test reviews, see the latest member offerings, and meet the knife industry players online. General topics cover news, balisong photos and videos, switchblades, knife collecting, knife photography, and Randall Knives. Custom knife topics cover collecting, fit & finish, high performance blades, heat treating, damascus steel, embellishments, tools, folding knives, knifemakers associations, supplies, sheaths, knife kits, and the business of knifemaking. Production community discussions include boards for Benchmade knives, Busse & Swamp Rat, Cold Steel, Combat Elite, Microtech, Spyderco, Al Mar, Boker, Camillus, Columbia, River Knife and Tool, Kershaw, and SOG. Marketplace boards for custom knives by maker or dealer, and production knives for sale by member..
    A forum where the knife enthusiast can meet to discuss the industry, politics, and personal experiences, in a intelligent and non-combative way. Topics cover custom knives, knife design, display, & maintenance, manufacturer discussions, Dalton, MicroTech brands, outdoors, flashlights, combat arts, and for trade.
  4. customknifeclub · Custom Knife Club - All about Custom Handmade Knives.
    Forum for all all custom knife lovers to discuss their favorite knives. Give it a try and leave a message.
  5. theworldofgilhibben · The World Of Gil Hibben
    Gil Hibben needs no introduction to anyone familiar with custom made knives, for he has dedicated his life to the art of knifemaking and design. Gil is a member of the Knifemakers Guild, was inducted into the Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall of Fame, and is well recognized the world over for his fantasy and functional knife designs. He was even given the title of “Official Klingon Armorer,” by Paramount Pictures for his work on the Star Trek: Generations movie and The Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas. United® Cutlery is privileged to offer production knives based on Gil’s custom designs. This line includes both production and limited edition products. Included in this top selling brand are throwing knives, personal protection knives, and of course, the most collectible line of fantasy knives around.
  6. knifecollectors · Folks who love knives of all kinds, antique, Bowies, modern, handmade, custom, ...
    Folks who love knives of all kinds, antique, Bowies, modern, handmade, custom, pocketknives, and related materials, whether buying, selling, trading, collecting, displaying, or attending knife shows.
  7. Knives · Anything goes here except obcenity, profanity, etc... Feel free to share knife and sword...
    Feel free to share knife and sword lore, post your wants and trades, and ask questions. One of our staff is the well known bladesmith Daniel M. Certo (Dan Certo Knives.) He will answer your questions about metalurgy, bladesmithing, handles, and sheaths.
  8. news:rec.knives

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