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  1. Beaks Proboard
  2. Aviary Info - IA Parrot - Parrot Information, Classifieds, Forums
    Parrot and Avian Information, Classifieds, Expert Q&A, Forums, Photos, Links, Breeder/Rescue Directory, Games, Chat and More!
  3. The National Cocatiel Society - Talk About Tiels
    Message boards feature Q & A for NCS panelists, breeding, exhibition and a lost and found for missing pets.
  4. Real Cockatoo Facts!
    Message boards cover bird news, parrott rescues, behavior, diet, buying & adopting, cages, aviaries, toys, vet Q & A, photo post, and cockatiel discussions.
  5. rareparrots · parrot chat
    parrot breeders live chat
  6. SDCBC · San Diego Cage Bird Club
    For fanciers of all varieties of cage birds in San Diego county. Community unites owners and breeders. Information exchange and sharing experiences is encouraged, welcomed and appreciated by novices and veterans alike. If you reside in San Diego county, and raise any exotic cage birds from finches to canaries to keets to loris to parrots to cockatoos ad nauseum, then you are welcome to join this group.

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