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  1. Cats
    Message boards for health questions, care & feeding, picture post, behavioral issues, breeding questions, kittens, and cat adoption.
  2. Acme House of Cats
    Cat discussions regarding questions, rescue, health, help, stories, and pictures.
  3. Allexperts Cats Q&A
    Allexperts Cats Q&A. Post questions direct to a panel of experts.
  4. Cat Chat (Archives)
    Archive of messages to late 2005. New messages at
    Bragging post for your show cat, information on cat shows, cat health, obituaries, breeds and cat picture post.
  6. Cat Forum
    The Cat Forum, forums all about our cats. Behaviour, health & nutriion, picture post, humor, breeding, cat food recipies, cat stories, cats in need, and feral cat issues are all discussed in these message boards.
  7., a virtual community for cat lovers everywhere...
    A virtual community for cat lovers ... Post your questions and answers on our Discussion Forum/bulletin board. Read about your favorite breed. Get valuable health tips and information on care and feeding. Read a short story in our Literary Corner or submit your own. Kids, visit our Kitty Corner to see pictures, read jokes and stories about kids and their cats. Then, submit your own. Stroll through our Links page for rescues, shelters, merchants and other cat sites.
  8. Cathobbyist's Forums
    Discussions on kittens, feline helath, holistic treatments, behavior issues, and boards for distinctive cat breeds.
  9. The Cat's Palace :: A Forum for Cat lovers!
    This is the place to be for all cat lovers! You can freely talk about cats (and other subjects) in our forum, check out "The Cat Files" for a possible answer to a cat-related question, browse through the photo album and useful links, nominate your cat(s) to be "Cat of the Week", use our free eCards service or join our own advert-free "Top Site List" or "Banner Exchange".
  10. Cat-World Forums
    Includes cat picture post, nutrition discussions, cat tips, cat shows, store specials, rescue, lost & found boards, and marketplace boards for the UK and Australia.
  11. Cat Chat (Archives)
    Archives from Cat World from 2002-2005.
  12. Familiars Fanciers Lists
    The Familiars Fanciers mailing list is for ANYONE who LOVES their Familiars. If you have a Familiars and want to 'talk' with other Alchemists, then this is the mailing list for you!
  13. Kitty Caretakers Unite
    here is a place for Kitty Caretakers to Unite and exchange ideas on issues such as feral colony management, low cost spay/neuter resources,raising orphan kittens, geriatric cats, feline health,litter training, cat rescue, humane action alerts, and anything the members want to discuss.
  14. Pets Hub - Pet Forum
    Pet forums. Discussions on pet names, insurance, stories, poems, jokes, rescue & adoption, loss support & memorials. Pet species covered include birds, cats, chinchillas, degu, dogs, ferrets, fish, frog & toad, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, hedgehogs, hermit crabs, horses, lizards, mice, newt & salamanders, pot bellied pigs, rats, rabbits, snakes, squirrels, surgar gliders, and turtles. Pet care topics cover veterinary science, training, grooming, and pet shop work, careers and business.
  17. Forums
    This is a discussion forum all about cats. Thousands of members - lots of cat info and fun. Topics cover health & nutrition, pregnant & kitten care, behaviour, and grooming. Breeding boards are in place to meet other cat owners. Also offers feral and rescue cat care, marketplace, and a funny cat picture captioning contest.
  18. TiggersTales Cat Forums
    Cat picture post, general and cat shelter topics.
  19. Understanding Animals Pet Behaviour Forums
    Topics cover dog and cat behaviour.
  20. ausgroup2 · AusNZGroup2
    Welcome to AusNZGroup2, an unmoderated, friendly discussion about Siamese, Oriental and related pedigree breeds in Australia and New Zealand. The aim of the list is to encourage the communication and the exchange of information and experiences (both bad and good) amongst breeders and fanciers to improve the knowledge of breeding practices; to keep up-to-date with the latest information about the breeds, shows and results in Australia and New Zealand; and to maintain type, temperament; and, most importantly, health in the breeds.

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