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  1. Barking Buddies
    Dogs Online! Small message board, as well as picture post, surveys, games, and member journals.
  2. Border Collie Trust GB
    Medical and behavioural problems should always be discussed with the appropriate qualified person. If you are looking for a dog or wish to give a dog up for re-homing please contact the BCTGB. Topics cover stories, obedience, housetraining, agility, behavioural matters, herding, chase instinct, and collies around children.
  3. Francis's DogHouse Dog Discussion
    Links to discussion boards and newsgroups related to the resuce and transport of dogs.
    Forum with polls, behaviour, health, rescue & welfare, complimentary & alternative health, diet, breeds, controversial methods, and lost & found. Marketplace topics cover groomer location, job board, and working & show dogs.
  5. Dog Breed Message Boards - Dog Breeders Directory -
    Dog Breeders Directory, Local Dog Breeder Search, Dog Breed Message Boards, New Puppy Chat Rooms and 150+ AKC Breed Information. Message boards are divided among breeds and classical functions of the breeds.
    Dogomania discussion forum. Boards include picture post, breeds & breeding, health & care, dogs in need, dog shows & trials, sports & activities, training and working dogs.
  7. FindFido - Dogs: lost, found for adoption
    Free service devoted to helping dog lovers find their lost pets, locate the owners of found pets, and find homes for orphaned pets. We'll also post photos of the dogs. Shopping, pet news and more.
  8. K9 Discussion Forum - Police K9, Military Working Dog, Sporting & Working K-9 (Membership required)
    Poice K-9, Military Working Dog, Working and Sporting dog Online Discussion Forum from K9 Nation.
  9. K9 Community
    United Kingdom discussions on working and racing dogs. Breeds including whippits, Italian greyhounds, lurchers, and coursing.
  10. Pets and Vets Forums
    Discussions cover adoptable pets & pets wanted, amphibians & reptiles, backyard wildlife, birds, cats, dogs, farm animals, fish, horses, and small mammals & exotic pets. Care topics include illnesses, holistic & alternative treatments, lost & found, rescue shelters, pet identification via tatooing and microchipping, and travel.
  11. Dogs
    General dog discussions.
  12. The Ultimate Dog Mailing List
    Email based moderated discussion list. It welcomes every breed (even mutts), to talk about every aspect of owning, training, showing and breeding dogs.
  13. About Veterinary Medicine and Careers - Forums
    For those interested in veterinary medicine as a career (veterinarian or technician), please visit the Pre-Vet/Career Forum! This is where all of the veterinary technicians and the pre-vet and vet students visit and share information.
  14. Agility-Australia · Agility discussion list for Australian/NZ competitors - Agility Australia
    Welcome to Agility Australia e-mail list. This list is provided to discuss and promote the dog's sport of agility throughout Australia. When joining please send an email to introduce yourself to the members of the list. We also promote members services and facilities in conjunction with
  15. -companion_dogs-
    general chat about our favorite companions! Swap stories, pics, or info on your dog or dog's breed. Small dogs, big dogs, purebred dogs, and mixed-breed dogs, we love them all!
  16. dogdaycare · Dog Daycare, aka doggie or doggy daycare
    A forum for those who currently own a Dog Daycare service or those who are interested in starting one. Dog daycare is also known as doggie daycare, doggy daycare, daycare for dogs.
  17. dogbehaviour · Canine Care Group - Training,problems,holistic health
    This list is intended as an open discussion place to help with any aspect of dog care or behaviour/training problems and even Holistic Health (see below for this one). For every problem, there is an answer.By friendly chat we hope to offer alternative ways of looking at these. Everyone who joins is entitled to their opinion and it is welcomed, providing it is constructive and not offensive.
  18. oz-agility_judges · A discussion list limited to Australian and Invited Agility Judges.
    Australian Agility Judges List is defined to allow and promote open discussion between Agility Judges.
  19. Petdogs-L · Problem solving for dog owners
    Advice without attitude! If you own or are thinking about getting a puppy or dog, or if you are an experienced owner or doggy professional who wants to help others, please join us. This is a moderated list. No rude or even snippy answers, no question too basic, from housebreaking to care of senior dogs. We do not allow advertising or forwarded messages of any type from other lists. And please, no crusaders--this is a general dog information list!

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