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  1. Allexperts Fish Q&A
    Ask a panel of fish experts your burning questions.
  2. AquaRealms.Com
    Discussions include planted tanks, equipment, tropical and freshwater fish, diseases & cures. Discus message boards include buy & sell, choosing & identification, disease & medications, articles and a picture post. Reef groups include buy & sell, seahorse & pipefish, equipment, DIY projects, reviews and gallery. Chichlid forums cover African species and a marketplace.
  3. - Old Forum Archives
    Aquarium Forums with topics that cover freshwater, saltwater, reef systems, Jack Dempsys, marine crabs, anemones, lionfish, clownfish, wrasses, red tail sharks, triggerfish, damselfish, morays, surgeonfish, invertebrates, blennies, gobies, anthias, dottybacks, tangs, butterflyfish, loachs, koi, angelfish, ciclids, tetras, betas, guppies, plants, seahorses, discus, catfish, comets, and mollys. Link to current active discussions is also here.
  4. Forums
    This is a forum about planted tanks and the aquarium hobby. Forums for the beginner to advanced, topics cover plants, Fertilisers, fertilisation, how to prevent algae, aquascaping, vivariums, marine & freshwater tanks, equipment, and a marketplace to buy and sell related or non-related stuff.
  5. A.S.A.P. Aquarium Message Board: Main Tank
    Andrue & Sarah's Aquariums Message Board. Topics cover freshwater, saltwater, cichlid, goldfish, beta, DIY, and hamsters.
  6. Auspet - Message Boards
    Message boards for all pets, cats, dogs, fish, horses, birds and all other types of pets.
  7. Chichlid Forums - New World and Afirican Cichlids
    Discussion of New World and African cichlids for Neotropical and African cichlid aquarists. Groups for chichlids from Malawi, Tanganyika, Victoria, and America. Other topics cover identification, gallerys, photograph contests, aquarium, health, breeding and do it yourself topics.
    Offers user journals, message boards on aquatic plants, bettas, brackfish, catfish, cichlids, goldfish, koi, ponds, oddballs, killifish, invertabrates & predators, breeding, livebearers, diseases, and equipment. Saltwater topics for the beginner, as well as reef, saltwater and equipment discussions. Group also covers do it yourself, pictures, and a marketplace, which also includes buyer/seller reviews.
  9. FishIndex Forums
    Saltwater topics cover the reef, fish and technology. Fish, fauna, technology, chichlids, ponds, watergardens, goldfish koi, and aquatic plants are the freshwater topics.
  10. Fishkeepers Forum
    Forums for the beginner, as well as chichlids, plants, equipment, coldwater ponds or aquaria, picture post and trade message board.
  11. FRAG - Welcome to Fragexchange
    Promotes the conservation of reefs, including education on corals, reef aquariums, fragging, and aquaculture. Message boards for fragging, trading, reef Q&A, picture post, reef fish, mantis, clams, trivia, DIY and equpment, lighting, product reviews, freshwater aquariums, plants, chichlids, photo contests, and message boards for the Indiana Marine Aquarists Society (INDMAS) as well as one for the New Jersey Reef Club (NJRC).
  12. My Fish Box - Forums
    Tropical freshwater topics cover fish, diseases, nitrogen cycling, breeding, bettas, corydoras, plecostamus, livebearers, chichlids, tetras, amphibians invertabrates and barbs. Tropical marine topics cover reef, fish, and diseases. Coldwater (tropical or marine) topics cover carp, goldfish and koi. Chichlids also get coverage on anglefish, convicts, African & American, and oscars. Plant topics cover aquascaping, techniques, and problem Q&A.
  13. Tropical Fish Forums
    The friendliest fish forum around. Subjects covered in this group for tropical fish, bettas, cichlids, livebearers, catfish, oddballs, cyprinids, characins, atherinids, gouramis, anabantoids brackfish and hybrids. Aquarium topics for plants, hardware, do it yourself projects, aquarium pictures post, and monthly contests. Buy, sell and swap included for a marketplace.
  14. Richfrog's tropical fish forum @
    A message board for the discussion of tropical fish and their keeping. Divided into: fresh water and plants, Salt water and reef tanks, brackish tanks, ponds, a beginner board,and a miscelaneous board.

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