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  1. Rabbit Web Discussion Board
    Have questions about rabbit care or breeding? Or do you want to share your rabbit expertise with others? The Rabbit Web Discussion Board is of the best places on the Web to connect with others who have an interest in rabbits. Boards cover pet rabbits, rabbit health, and free rabbit-related classifieds.
  2. Allexperts Rabbits Q&A
    The oldest free Q&A service on the web, ask experts your stumping rabbit questions. Experts cover genetics, breeding, coat color, rabbit shows (judging, and registration.)
  3. Angora Rabbit Fan Club
    Provide a place for Angora rabbit owners & breeders to meet, chat & post messages & links to each other.
  4. Rabbit Information Service
    Activisim, information and support for rabbit owners in Australia and New Zealand.
  5. Mailing Lists
    Rabbit-oriented email mailing lists lined by the House Rabbit Society.
  6. The Rabbit Habbit
    Place for people who raise,breed,show and have rabbits and Cavies as a hobby or pets.
  7. UK Rabbit Keepers.
    For all who keep rabbits in the UK, From the single pet owner through to the show exhibitors, There are people who have bred rabbits for years passing by to help you out with advice on anything to do with rabbits. We also welcome people from outside the UK who are interested in the way we do things over here.
  8. Yahoo! Groups : Directory
    List of rabbit related Yahoo! Groups.
  9. RabbitOutlookNews @
    messageboard for rabbitoutlook chatroom on

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