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  1. SPORTSNATION - Message Board Index
    Fantasy, national league, college, and recruiting members for football, basebal, basketball, hockey and soccer. Motorsports cover NASCAR, CART and F1. Other sports covered are golf, horse racing, cycling, outdoors, tennis, boxing, figure skating, and bassmaster.
  2. FanHome @
    Community hub for pro baseball, basketball and hockey fans. Explore our forums to find 300,000+ members and millions of posts. Team Sites has info for teams and recruiting.
  4. Sports memorabilia not in any other group.
  5. Spectator sports.
  6. Baseball scores, stories, stats. (Moderated)
  7. Baseball games & box scores. (Moderated)
  8. Basketball coverage. (Moderated)
  9. College basketball coverage. (Moderated)
  10. General sports scoreboard. (Moderated)
  11. Sports feature stories. (Moderated)
  12. Pro football coverage. (Moderated)
  13. College football coverage. (Moderated)
  14. Coverage of individual pro games. (Moderated)
  16. NHL coverage. (Moderated)
  17. Other sports, plus general sports news. (Moderated)
  18. Racing, Motor Sports. (Moderated)
  19. The Olympic Games. (Moderated)

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