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  2. Message Boards and Trip Reports at Frommer's Travel Talk
    Swap stories with travel enthusiasts just like you. Share a trip or learn from someone else's experiences.
  3. Hosteler's Virtual Bulletin Board
    Message boards for those who wish to visit Hostels around the world. Boards discuss regions, and travel companion personals.
  4. Independant Traveler Message Boards
    The Independent Travelerís Travel Message allow travelerís to discuss travel, travel tips, and travel information. Message boards for world regions, and trip reports.
  5. Lonely Planet | Thorn Tree Travel Forum
    Discussions for regions to travel to, as well as modes of travel by sea, foot, bike, or snorkle. Also discusses travel issues with gear, kids, disabilities, health and language. Travel stories and picture post are also listed.
  6. forum :: index
    Travling discussions for tourists covering destinations, politics, religon, cross cultural topics, and language. Also discusses the history, archaeology, and even Egyptian and international food. Community features include classifieds, personals, news, literary and poetry boards, discussions on international music movies, and an interesting member to member intervew board to get to know other members better.
    Traveler forums for discussions about tour operators, travel agents, passport advice, and regional areas.
  8. Rick Steves' Eurppe Graffiti Wall
    A lively community of travelers who generously share their experience and enthusiastically learn from each other. Topics cover planning, eating, sleeping, health & safety, tours, sightseeing, transportation, money and communication.
  9. Rough Guides Travel Talk
    Discussions on travel to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, North & South America, Australia, New Zeland and Pacific regions.
  10. Travel Point Forum
    Meeting place for travel divided by language instead of region.
  11. TravelTalker
    Travel stories from around the world.
  12. Tourism Discussions.
  14. Tickets and accomodations wanted and for sale.
  15. Everything and anything about travel.

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