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  5. The folklore of science, not the science of folklore.
  7. Maybe if we dissect the psychic ...
  8. The science of aeronautics & related technology. (Moderated)
  9. Aerospace simulation technology. (Moderated)
  10. Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
  11. Ecological research.
  12. Studying classical history, languages, art and more.
  13. Perception, memory, judgement and reasoning.
    Cognitive science is an inter-disciplinary investigation of cognition, involving cognitive psychology, artificial intelligence, computer science, human-computer interaction, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, linguistics, neuroscience, cognitive anthropology and other disciplines. The 'mind's new science' has been around since the mid-50's, and has entered an institutional phase with textbooks, journals, centres of research and teaching etc. However, due to its inter-disciplinary and international character, channels of communication devoted specifically to cognitive science are still needed, and the group sci.cognitive is intended to serve this end.
  14. The use of computers as tools in scientific research.
    A forum to discuss and share information about: General use of computers in science: . Data acquisition. . Planning experiments and predicting outcomes. . Controlling laboratory devices. . Standards for analytical instrument interfaces. . Networked laboratory systems. . LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) . Analyzing scientific data. . Visualizing scientific data. . Presenting scientific data. . Modelling physical processes. . Simulation of physical processes. . Numerical analysis of scientific data. . Algorithms for scientific computing. . Standards for scientific data formats.
  15. Modelling, storage and retrieval of scientific data.
    A place for discussing information related to the use of the scientific data formats such as HDF, netCDF, FITS, and various others. This includes problems encountered using specific formats, questions about where to get the code for data format programs, discussions of specific uses of data format programs, etc. Expected readers of this group are scientists (and software developers) who use data formats/models such as HDF, netCDF, and other such programs.
  16. news:sci.homebrew
  17. Short-lived discussions on subjects in the sciences.
  18. Research methods, funding, ethics, and whatever.
  19. Issues relevant to careers in scientific research.
  20. Skeptics discussing pseudo-science.

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