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  1. The science of aeronautics & related technology. (Moderated)
  2. Aerospace simulation technology. (Moderated)
  3. Technical discussions about engineering tasks.
  4. Discussing the field of biomedical engineering.
  5. All aspects of chemical engineering.
  6. Topics related to civil engineering.
    A newsgroup to encourage discussions and the exchange of information pertaining to the field of Civil Engineering. The different areas for discussion in Civil Engineering are (but not limited to): Structural analysis and design; Structural materials; Structural dynamics; Structural mechanics; Finite element techniques; Structural stability; Earcthquake engineering; Construction technology and management; Transportation systems and planning; Traffic engineering; Transportation demand analysis; Highway materials and engineering; Pavement design; Geotechnical engineering; Foundation design; Soil mechanics; Soil-structure interaction; Water Resources engineering; Hydraulics; Hydrology; Fluid dynamics; Environmental engineering; Water and Waste treatment; Air-pollution control; Hazardous wastes; Computer analysis, modelling and simulation in these areas; Numerical methods in civil engineering; Artificial intelligence and expert systems application in civil engineering; Stochastic processes & reliability analysis in civil engineering; Optimization in design and resource planning; Economic analysis in civil engineering; Social, ethical legal, political, educational, research and industrial issues in civil engineering.
  7. The engineering of control systems.
    This forum aims to encourage discussion and free exchange of ideas amongst practicing control engineers, researchers and students on any subject related to the practice or theory of control systems and control engineering. A group to cover any subject related to control engineering including theory, research, and practice but particularly the use and future development of computer-based applications for the analysis, design, simulation and implementation of control systems. Examples of suitable topics would be o data definitions for control systems design packages o user interfaces for control systems design packages o system modelling languages o simulation packages o environments for the integration of CAD tools for control o the application of new computer science techniques in control systems design and implementation o commercial control systems design and analysis packages o new theories o applications of control (e.g. process industries, aerospace, transport, manufacturing, ...) o real-time software o social and environmental impact of control systems o none engineering applications (e.g. economics, social, ...) o control systems education
  8. Geomechanics issues and related topics.
  9. news:sci.engr.heat-vent-ac
  10. news:sci.engr.joining.welding
  11. Light, vision & color in architecture, media, etc.
  12. Manufacturing technology.
  13. Marine Hydrodynamics.
  14. The field of mechanical engineering.
  15. Metallurgical Engineering.
  16. All aspects of the safety of engineered systems.
  17. Semiconductor devices, processes, materials, physics.
    A group to provide an open forum for the discussion of semiconductors and related fields on the internet. Topics for discussion would include the following: semiconductor materials, semiconductor and device physics, diodes, transistors, semiconductor lasers & LEDs, photodetectors, solar cells, microelectromechanical systems, vacuum microelectronics, quantum effect devices, thin film linear devices, thin film displays, other semiconductor devices, thin film superconducting devices, integrated optics, nonlinear optical devices, crystal growth, oxidation, lithography, diffusion, ohmic contacts, ion implantation, etching, deposition, other thin film processing techniques, analytical techniques, process simulation, device simulation, interconnects, reliability/testing, microelectronic and optoelectronic packaging, vacuum technology, equipment - specs/opinions/etc., clean room technology, economics of IC fabrication, software, databases, announcements/reviews of papers/conferences., general Discussion/opinions/questions., education, positions vacant, or anything else that is relevant to semiconductors in general.
  18. news:sci.engr.surveying
  19. All aspects of materials engineering.
  20. Discussion relating to the science of optics.

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