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  1. Noam Chomsky's writings and opinions.
  2. news:alt.language.artificial
  3. Natural languages, communication, etc.
  4. news:sci.lang.translation
  5. Postings in Chinese; Chinese language software.
  6. Posting in Chinese[BIG 5].
  7. English grammar, word usages, and related topics.
  8. Questions and answers about the German language.
    A platform for discussions about German language, the grammar, spelling problems, choice of words, etc. Both articles in English and in German language will be wellcome in alt.usage.german .
  9. news:humanities.language.sanskrit
  10. Bilingual German/English practice with native speakers.
  11. Bilingual Spanish/English practice with native speakers.
  12. French practice with native speakers.
  13. Bilingual Russian/English practice with native speakers.
  15. The neutral international language Esperanto.
  16. news:soc.culture.gaelic
  17. news:soc.culture.indian.gujarati

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