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Discussion Group Glossary

A. Archive - Group of threads that have run their course and are no longer are accepting new posts. Saved on a site as a resource for readers.

B. BTTT - Acronym : Back To The Top. Used for threaded discussions where the thread may drop off the first page of listed threads. Used when threads are listed by most recent post first.

Bullitin board - See Discussion Group.

D. Discussion Group - A group of people with similar interests who meet to discuss and exchange information. Some synonyms for computer based discussion groups are forum, bulletin board, message board, cork board, newsgroup.

F. Flame - To be digitally yelled at.

Flame wars - Highly heated series of personal attacks from one side of an issue to another. Many quickly breakdown in logical arguments against a statements made by members.

Forum - See Discussion Group.

FS - Acronym : For Sale

K. Killfile - A user's list of other individuals to be ignored in a discussion group. Also known as an ignore list.

M. Message board - see Discussion Group.

Moderated - A human being has authority to lock, remove, and prevent some posts or threads to be made on the group. Moderators are usually volunteers who have been using the discussion group for some time. They help keep out trools and the group on topic. Some moderators examine every post before it appears on the discussion group.

N. Newsgroup - An Discussion group usually, but not always associated with USENET. See Discussion Group.

P. Post - An individual message submitted to a discussion group.

S. Spam - Posts whose purpose is to advertize a product or service. Generally frowned upon by members of discussion groups.

Spambot - Computer program created by spammers to collect email addresses from discussion groups or USENET, much like a search engine spider looks for webpages to index. May also post spam to the discussion group.

T. Thread - "String" of messages that are posted after and in regards to the original. Some discussion groups break down threads into a hierachy, so you can see if it is an reply to a reply of the original.

Troll - 1) An extremely uguly creature that charges a fee to cross a bridge. 2) An extremely annoying user of a discussion group who posts obscene, irrevelent, hostile, or out of topic information to get the other members to lose their temper. Best cure for a troll is a Killfile. Origin: USENET newsgroups.

U. UBB - Acronym : Ultimate Bullitin Board. Discussion group software, was one of the pioneers of a web-based discussion group.

USENET - The Internet's first discussion group system. Similar to email, largely unmoderated and some groups overrunn by spam and trolls. Google Groups has the best archive of posts to USENET.

V. vBullitin - Discussion group software.

W. WIKI - A discussion group that allows members to edit all prior posts, a community edited website.

WTB - Acronym : Wanted To Buy

WWW Threads - Discussion group software.


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